JOURNEY THROUGH GNH Home INTERNATIONAL JOURNEY THROUGH GNH THIS PROGRAMME IS INDEFINITELY DELAYED DUE TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC On these unique set of programmes, the GNH Centre will take you on a spiritual learning journey where you are introduced to mindfulness techniques in addition to GNH learning sessions. The programme creates a space to reflect […]

GNH THEMATIC SUMMIT Home Uncategorized GNH THEMATIC SUMMIT The GNHCB also organizes various thematic summits annually where both national and international speakers come together to discuss on topics related to business, health and technology among others. The summits involve talks by experts on specific topics, giving us a chance to interact with them and have […]

PROJECT 4 : GNH CLUBS Home National PROJECT 4 : GNH CLUBS Introduction & Background Bhutan is a nation of young people, with more than half of the population below the age of 25 years. According to the Statistical Year Book 2016, the nation’s youth population between the ages of 15-29 stands at approximately 218,449. […]

OUR PARTNERS Home About us OUR PARTNERS In addition to the global GNH Centres, the GNH Centre Bhutan (GNHCB) also works in partnership with the following organizations. Together we run various thematic programs both national and international. As we seek new approaches towards our vision of empowering people to sustain the planet with the values of GNH, […]

OUR INTERNATIONAL PANEL Home About us OUR INTERNATIONAL PANEL Ms. Caroline Link International Advisor View Profile Caroline Link is the daughter of Harald Link and Princess Assunta von Liechtenstein. Her father is the chairman of B.Grimm, one of Thailand’s oldest business institutions, carrying a 143-year-old tradition of “Doing Business with Compassion.”Caroline carries several management roles […]

GNH CENTRES GLOBAL Home About us GNH CENTRES GLOBAL TAKING GNH BEYOND BHUTAN Many of the global issues are not different in essence from those faced in Bhutan. Today’s worldwide challenges like climate change, scarcity of water and food, economic opportunity and employment, access to education, rising poverty, conflict and have brought people together in […]