In addition to the global GNH Centres, the GNH Centre Bhutan (GNHCB) also works in partnership with the following organizations. Together we run various thematic programs both national and international. As we seek new approaches towards our vision of empowering people to sustain the planet with the values of GNH, partnerships play an important role in carrying forward our aspirations.

A Non-Profit Trust founded in the year 2016 in California, USA by Dr. Satinder Rekhi and Harpreet Rekhi. The vision of the foundation is to work for the betterment of women and young girls and help them pursue their dreams for their happiness, well-being, Holistic self-development and a meaningful and independent life. 

The first international GNH Centre was established with the B.Grimm.

Together with the Schumacher College, the GNHCB has since 2014 held the Right Livelihood Program. Since 2017, the GNH Master Class has also been a joint venture.

The Vita Foundation supports the national youth programs run by the GNHCB.

Co-designed by the GNHCB, Humankind. Enterprises and Digital Storytellers, Slow Change is a learning experience driven by human and GNH values.

The Presencing Institute

The Mind and Life Institute.

GLAC (Global Leadership Academy) GIZ/BMZ (Germany)


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