The GNHCB also organizes various thematic summits annually where both national and international speakers come together to discuss on topics related to business, health and technology among others. The summits involve talks by experts on specific topics, giving us a chance to interact with them and have greater insights into various subject matters on focus. […]

2022 GNH and Right Livelihood Modules in Bhutan …

Participants will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the beauty, vibrant culture and pristine natural environment of Bhutan and learn about the experiment of Gross National Happiness at a personal, organizational, and national level. How can the vision and values of GNH translate into individual and collective action that promotes the wellbeing of all life?

The GNH index is a holistic approach to measure the happiness and wellbeing of the Bhutanese population. It is a measurement tool used for policy making to increase GNH. The GNH Index is also known as the GNH Happiness Survey. It includes the nine domains, which are further supported by the 33 indicators. The Index […]

The GNH Screening Tool is a system that ensures all development policies and projects of Bhutan are reviewed under the lens of GNH. The GNH Screening Tool evaluates, monitors, sets goals and raises national consciousness about what conditions are conducive to the happiness and wellbeing of the people, and country as a whole. The GNH screening […]

The GNH Centre Bhutan welcomed a sixteen-member high level delegation from the Government of Thailand led by Mr. Danai Moosa, Deputy Secretary General, National Security Council, Prime Minister Office, Thailand. One of the key areas of interest expressed by the delegation was to visit the Centre and learn more about GNH. The discussions included an […]

Impact Safari is a programme organized by GNHCB in association with Small Giants Australia where we see participants seeking to relate the values of GNH in business, investment and economic models. The participants are mostly Australians who are involved in a range of social enterprises and impact investment, and are keen to explore the New […]

01 February 2019, Thimphu: With the theme of “bringing forward the leader in you” a 5-day workshop GNH Youth Leadership Programme (GYLP) concluded today. Organized by the Gross National Happiness Centre Bhutan, the Programme saw the participation of about 35 students from various colleges to gain deeper understanding of GNH values along with compassion and […]

25 January 2019, Thimphu: The Gross National Happiness Centre Bhutan will host a 5-day workshop, the GNH Youth Leadership Programme (GYLP), where about 35 students from various colleges will participate to gain deeper understanding of GNH values along with compassion and wisdom and to learn about leadership skills. The workshop will be held from 28th […]

November 11 2018, Thimphu: The annual observation of the National GNH Day was led by GNHCB today. The programme included a collective offering of prayers at the sanctum of Semtokha Dzong in the morning for the happiness, wellbeing and long life of His Majesty the fourth King. An International Cultural festival on the theme “Expressions […]