Thimphu, 17th May 2021: The GNH Centre Bhutan, and The Rekhi Foundation for Happiness signed a Memorandum of Understanding to further the efforts on promoting GNH activities in Bhutan and internationally. The main purpose of the MoU is to facilitate collaboration between the two organizations in areas of common interest aimed at human happiness and wellbeing of all life with a special focus on youth leadership and happiness during and post COVID-19 pandemic period.

HRH Princess Kesang Chodren Wangchuck, President of the GNHCB who is committed to promoting the values of Gross National Happiness said, “As the COVID-19 pandemic ravages all nations, economies and social systems, the will of human society to collaborate and strive together is being tested as never before. Human wellbeing and happiness, indeed survival, is at stake and it is the poor, aged and young who are the most vulnerable. Now more than ever the world needs to pool its political, economic, technological and social resources to resist and overcome the multidimensional devastations being caused by this invisible adversary. In this regard, I am heartened by the contributions of Dr. Satinder and Harpreet Rekhi to the research and promotion of human wellbeing. It is therefore, a matter of deep joy for me to welcome the establishment of partnership between the GNHCB and the Rekhi Foundation of Happiness to pursue our shared dream of furthering peace, wellbeing and happiness in our deeply troubled world.”

Dr. Satinder Singh Rekhi will also support the Centre as an International Advisor given his vast experience and wisdom by helping to develop an international vision for the Centre and advise opportunities for collaborations in line with the GNH philosophy of happiness and well-being for the greater good of humanity.

On partnering with the GNHCB, Dr. Rekhi says, “Bhutan is the birthplace of Gross National Happiness, an alternative to the Gross Domestic Product. The world still has a lot to learn from this small Kingdom. Happiness is a journey, and we are happy to be on this journey with Bhutan I’m honored to partner with the GNH Centre.”

The Phase 1 of the partnership will focus on practical solutions to deal with the pandemic’s impacts on the state of food security, youth employment and mental health issues in Bhutan. Activities will include GNH advocacy, workshops on GNH Leadership, promoting agricultural efforts and keeping youth involved as responsible citizens.

About the Rekhi Foundation for Happiness

A Non-Profit Trust founded in the year 2016 in California, USA by Dr. Satinder Rekhi and Harpreet Rekhi. The vision of the Foundation is to work for the betterment of individuals, specifically women and young girls and help them pursue their dreams for their happiness, well-being, holistic self-development, a meaningful and independent life.

The Foundation pursues a mission of spreading Happiness. To that objective, they have initiated research and studies on the Science of Happiness at California State University, Sacramento, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, and Amity University. Dr. Rekhi and his wife, Harpreet, believe that by promoting individual empowerment, they are contributing towards a happier, healthier, and harmonious World.


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