Deepening the understanding of Good Governance

28 April 2023: In its effort to promote GNH in Action, the GNH Centre Bhutan together with 24 international participants visited the National Parliament as part of its transformational journey. The participants were introduced to the Bhutanese Parliament to have a first-hand understanding of the GNH Pillar of Good Governance.

The Hon'ble Speaker welcomed the delegation from Australia and spoke highly of the friendly relations shared by the two countries. In his statement, he shared how Bhutanese politicians may have different manifestoes, but all differences are resolved in an amicable manner saying, “Bhutanese politicians try to follow a middle path as the overall responsibility is to maintain our security and sovereignty as a small nation”. He also added, “As GNH is a national goal all political parties include GNH in their campaign manifesto.” The Speaker also touched upon the topics of renewable hydro energy, the environment, the tourism sector, and Bhutan’s graduation to a middle-income country.

Bhutan’s traditional system of governance is inspirational and continues to awe visitors mainly due to its deep commitment to the people’s well-being. His Majesty the Third King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck established the first National Assembly of Bhutan in 1953. It was based on a document called “Bangzhung lhami sidey chigdril gi chimi tshogtam”. The translation means ‘Manifesto of the people’s government consisting of representatives of humans and gods’. The document was adopted at the Punakha Dzong. This was further perpetuated by the 4th King’s vision of Gross National Happiness, whereby His Majesty in 2007 introduced democracy in Bhutan. This demonstration of leadership of values and compassion has become inspirational in today’s world.

The Centre’s international learning program was a collaboration with the Small Giants Academy and this is the fourth event to date. Together, the organizations promote GNH as an experiential journey deepening the way we think and interact while making life-long connections. Through these programs, we inspire people to change the way leadership does business by becoming more inclusive and making people a priority while living in harmony with the natural world.

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