GNH CENTRES GLOBAL Home About us GNH CENTRES GLOBAL TAKING GNH BEYOND BHUTAN Many of the global issues are not different in essence from those faced in Bhutan. Today’s worldwide challenges like climate change, scarcity of water and food, economic opportunity and employment, access to education, rising poverty, conflict and have brought people together in […]

GNHCB TEAM Home About us GNHCB TEAM Tsoki Tenzin Director View Profile Prior to joining the GNHCB in 2015, Tsoki worked with the UNDP for over a decade under different portfolios including operations and program administration. Tsoki currently serves as the Director, and oversees the Centre’s overall management in Bhutan. She believes every Bhutanese has a responsibility in nurturing the […]

OUR BOARD Home About us OUR BOARD Her Royal Highness Ashi Kesang Chodren Wangchuck President Dorji Ohm Executive Director, YDF Rinzing Wangmo CEO, Druk Dakini Mr. Yeshey Norbu CEO, Norbu Bhutan Rinzin Wangmo Leki Advisor Related: OUR┬áPARTNERS OUR INTERNATIONAL PANEL GNH CENTRES GLOBAL GNHCB TEAM OUR BOARD CONTACT US GNH Centre Bhutan Opposite DGPC Head […]

PROJECT 3: GNH FARMERS PROJECT Home National PROJECT 3: GNH FARMERS PROJECT About the Project The GNH Centre Bhutan partners with Sterling College, USA, under the EcoGather Initiative on the GNH Farmers Project for two years. This project is the first of its kind that introduces farming as one of the elements in bringing “GNH […]

2022 GNH and Right Livelihood Modules in Bhutan …

Participants will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the beauty, vibrant culture and pristine natural environment of Bhutan and learn about the experiment of Gross National Happiness at a personal, organizational, and national level. How can the vision and values of GNH translate into individual and collective action that promotes the wellbeing of all life?

GNH HAPPINESS INDEX Home Uncategorized GNH HAPPINESS INDEX The GNH index is a holistic approach to measure the happiness and wellbeing of the Bhutanese population. It is a measurement tool used for policy making to increase GNH. The GNH Index is also known as the GNH Happiness Survey. It includes the nine domains, which are […]

GNH SCREENING TOOL Home Uncategorized GNH SCREENING TOOL The GNH Screening Tool is a system that ensures all development policies and projects of Bhutan are reviewed under the lens of GNH. The GNH Screening Tool evaluates, monitors, sets goals and raises national consciousness about what conditions are conducive to the happiness and wellbeing of the people, […]

THE 9 DOMAINS OF GNH Home What is GNH? THE 9 DOMAINS OF GNH The four pillars are further elaborated into nine domains, which articulate the different elements of GNH in detail and form the basis of GNH measurement, indices and screening tools. Living standards Education Health Environment Community Vitality Time-use Psychological well-being Good Governance […]

THE 4 PILLARS OF GNH Home What is GNH? THE 4 PILLARS OF GNH Good Governance Good Governance is a considered a pillar for happiness because it determines the conditions in which Bhutanese thrive. While policies and programs that are developed in Bhutan are generally in line with the values of GNH, there are also […]

HISTORY OF GNH Home What is GNH? HISTORY OF GNH The concept of Gross National Happiness (GNH) was promulgated by His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck, the Fourth King of Bhutan in the early 1970s. When His Majesty spoke about GNH at the time, he questioned the prevailing measurement system that Gross Domestic Product (GDP) alone […]