GNH Youth Leadership Programme: Getting Youths Connected to GNH

July 13, 2018

13 July 2018, Thimphu: To close the GNH Youth Leadership Programme (GYLP), students from Taktse College of Language and Cultural Studies won the best GNH Prototype Project titled “Promoting Community Vitality”. The project was an outcome of the first half of the GYLP held in January 2018. Since its inception stage, the project successfully conducted GNH advocacy, social welfare activities and a research titled, “Impact of Cellphones on Youth”. The workshop was held from 9th to 13th July 2018 in the GNH Centre Bhutan office.

Aimed at the impact domains of psychological wellbeing, time use, community vitality and education, the Taktse students presented how effective reduction of cell phone addiction can reduce insomnia, depression, manage time and generally improve their ability to concentrate in studies and reduce costs incurred in data usage. They also shared how their projects encouraged community vitality and social interaction in college and their community.

Other projects advocated the importance of mindfulness, waste management, awareness on GNH, promoting wellbeing and demonstrating how project implementation works. Presentations included “Chadri Volunteers”, “GNH Club”, and “Reading for Happiness” and “Action for GNH” to encourage their peers to adopt GNH values in an applicable and appealing manner.

“It is very encouraging and inspirational to see our youth embrace GNH values and share ideas on how they can contribute towards realizing GNH as a collective responsibility. Learning and understanding GNH together and what it means to be Bhutanese, places a great responsibility on each of us” said Sonam Tsoki Tenzin, Offg Executive Director of GNHCB.

With the theme of “Bringing forward the leader in you”, workshop also ensured participants were exposed to the conditions pertaining to employment and leadership.  The programme also included the traditional and cultural practices per the values of Driglam Namzha.

Sonam Phuntsho, a student of Taktse College said, “This programme is one of the most meaningful ones I have attended to learn about GNH. The Centre has given us a great learning experience and taught us the fundamental values of GNH and leadership. I am happy that I attended the programme.”

Wesel Bida from Royal Thimphu College said, “I liked everything about the program. Most importantly, I have enjoyed designing our own GNH project prototypes. While we attend a lot of workshops, it is hard to find such an opportunity in our lives where we can come up with our own projects to understand GNH on a deeper level.”

Intended to groom, guide and make the young Bhutanese realize their potential as future leaders, the GNHCB hosted two 5-day workshops in winter and summer, where students from seven of Bhutan’s eighteen colleges attended. The event saw close to 30 youths gather to gain deeper understanding of GNH values, leadership along with compassion and wisdom. The GNHCB will host more GYLPs in the near future.



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