GNH Screening Tool

The GNH Screening Tool is a system that ensures all development policies and projects of Bhutan are reviewed under the lens of GNH. The GNH Screening Tool evaluates, monitors, sets goals and raises national consciousness about what conditions are conducive to the happiness and wellbeing of the people, and country as a whole. The GNH screening tools can be applied in two phases, at project level and policy level. Generally, it consists of three types:

  1. For all ministries and sectors (e.g. good governance)
  2. For respective ministries (e.g. education, health)
  3. For individual sectors (e.g. youth, employment)

The Gross National Happiness Commission is the highest government body mandated to formulate and monitor policies. It is “an Institution that promotes an enabling environment for all Bhutanese to be happy and steer national development towards promotion of happiness for all Bhutanese guided by the philosophy of GNH.” Policies in Bhutan originating from the sectors begin with the preparation of a Concept Note which is submitted to the Commission for endorsement. The results of the GNH Screening exercise conducted by the Commission shall be shared with the concerned sector and submitted to the Cabinet for final approval.

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