Sustainable & Equitable Socio-Economic Development

A thriving GNH economy must value social and economic contributions of households and families, free time and leisure given the roles of these factors in Happiness. Bhutan is a developing nation with a small growing business economy. While traditional industries are strong in Bhutan, there is much competition from outside market forces. Public policy in Bhutan exists to protect local industries from cheaper imports outside Bhutan.

Local industry in Bhutan is strengthened by local partnerships and community service programs.

SAARC Business Association of Home based workers (SABAH Bhutan) is currently supporting more than 140 Home Based Workers throughout the country. Women are supported to continue or start up businesses that promote traditional handicrafts and textiles by providing improved & better production facilities and business management & entrepreneurial skills.

Happy Green Co-operative is: a co-operative formed and led by youth and registered under the Co-operative Act of Bhutan and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests in Bhutan. Their goal is to establish high quality sustainable employment and foster goodwill and motivation amongst the youth farmers by promoting organic agriculture.

Stay tuned for more information about how business is contributing to GNH.