Environmental Conservation

Environmental Conservation is considered a key contribution to GNH because in addition to providing critical services such as water and energy, the environment is believed to contribute to aesthetic and other stimulus that can be directly healing to people who enjoy vivid colours and light, untainted breeze and silence in nature’s sound. More than 80% of Bhutan is covered in natural remnant forest and more than 60% is protected by law.

Young Entrepreneur develops the first waste management and recycling firm in Bhutan. Founder of Greener Way, Karma Yonten was recently awarded The United Kingdom’s Prince’s Youth Business International Awards’ Environmental Entrepreneur of 2013 at the Global Youth Entrepreneurship Summit in London for developing the first waste management and Recycling firm in Bhutan.

Students for the Early Learning Centre (ELC) of Thimphu lead the way by banning plastic packaging from the school yard.