The GNH Centre Bhutan has been conducting various youth programmes towards positive transformation and commitment of building communities, projects and lifestyles guided by GNH principles. With the current situation COVID -19 pandemic has disrupted every aspect of our lives and as it continues to expand, young people are amongst those most impacted by the current situation.

In addition to coming to terms with adulthood – the COVID 19 has further challenged them with mental and physical health issues, anxiety issues, closure of educational institutes, and increased exposure to the internet as well as minimal interaction with their friends and leisure activities.

To counter this the GNHCB will conduct programmes to meaningfully engage youth in activities to promote mental wellbeing and self-growth.

Donation starts at $25

1. GNH Youth Leadership Programme (GYLP)
This donation will go towards the GYLP which is an initiative to empower the young Bhutanese with an understanding of national issues, emerging youth issues, values and preparing them with skills for the future. Activities like IT skills and graphic design will be integrated into the programme to widen their career options.

2. GNH and COVID-19
This will be our first GNH COVID-19 programme to guide youth with the mindful skills required during quarantine, isolation and recovery measures. Lessons learned from Bhutan’s first lockdown demonstrated that young people faced several new challenges and stress related issues. During this time, it was also reported by the national newspaper Kuensel (September 1, 2020) that the helpline centres received several calls related to anxiety, panic attacks and depression, from people aged from 20 to 30-years-old. This programme will focus on mental health advocacy, ways to cope with stress, responsible behaviour and how to use the contact tracing app. It will additionally include mindfulness practice, nature-based experience, reflection and journaling along with learning about GNH Values.

3. GNH Club
The GNH Club was initiated in 2018 and ever since then we have been successful in formalizing GNH clubs in the colleges across Bhutan. Students have embraced the idea and taken up projects at their schools and colleges related to waste management, recycling, introducing mindful waste practices and gardening at their educational institutes. Donations for clubs will further empower students towards the continuity of the GNH activities.

Donate via Bank Transfer
We will be grateful for any donation towards these activities, as a little can go a long way. For questions or assistance, please contact us.

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