Our International Programs


The Right Livelihood Programme - Finding Deeper Purpose
The programme is the oldest international collaboration between the GNH Centre Bhutan and Schumacher College, London. It has been conducted since 2014 between the UK and Bhutan. It is a learning journey for those seeking alternative livelihoods more aligned with their inner values and sense of purpose in the world. It is open to graduate students, people in professional situations, retirees, and people at a cross-roads looking for a more purposeful and rewarding direction. During the programme, the participants explore what is wrong with the current system and why it is not delivering wellbeing for people and planet. The overall objective of the programme is to immerse participants in understanding GNH and Right Livelihood to creatively engage and to deepen their personal exploration towards social change.

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The GNH Master Class is a one-year program hosted by the GNH Centre in Bhutan, and Schumacher College in the UK. This is the pilot programme which will be rolled out to all international GNH Centres. The 3 modules, combined with online activities and support are designed to lead each participant on a personal journey of inspiration, discovery and capacity building. The program is designed to help all participants cultivate the skills and experience to develop their own GNH-inspired prototype.
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GNH Training of Trainers (ToT)
It is a training that is designed for the GNH Centre Thailand. The GNH TOT focuses on how to incorporate GNH values at the individual and organizational levels. It is interactive and experiential, exposing participants to a broad range of GNH domains (e.g. environment, good governance, health, education, community vitality, to name a few) through the program content and delivery. It is also tailored to integrate GNH principles in business strategy and processes.


JOURNEY THROUGH GNH - On this unique programme, the GNH Centre will take you on a spiritual learning journey where you are introduced to mindfulness techniques in addition to GNH learning sessions. The programme creates a space to reflect on the deeper purpose of life, helping participants discover their own personal answers to inner questions. Designed to raise self awareness, the course also focus on mindfulness, meditation and value based leadership training.


GNH YOUTH - An annual event based on leadership and mindfulness exploration is to deepen the practical understanding of how we can cultivate GNH in living practices along with compassion and wisdom to our personal lives and the communities we live in. The programme is customized in a manner that encourages participatory fun based activities along with discovering contentment and happiness.