On these unique set of programmes, the GNH Centre will take you on a spiritual learning journey where you are introduced to mindfulness techniques in addition to GNH learning sessions. The programme creates a space to reflect on the deeper purpose of life, helping participants discover their own personal answers to inner questions. Designed to raise self awareness, the course also focus on mindfulness, meditation and value based leadership training.

Journey through GNH (October 2019) 

Join us on an enlightening journey this October aimed at unearthing the deeper aspects of the mind and body. Connect your senses to the beauty of the countryside and its ethos with this contemplative journey. Designed along the principles of GNH and the exploration of cultural and natural dynamics, this week-long sojourn will seek to make profound impact by focusing on using the values of GNH to deepen your wisdom while also appreciating the significance of community co-existence and social harmony. This programme will have a special emphasis on meditation, reflection and learning activities.

Limited seats of only 20 are available for the programme

What’s in it for me?

The basic elements of the journey will remain the same as follows:

  • Exploring and achieving greater understanding of GNH via presentation group works and symposium with local experts
  • Nature-based inner quest and appreciating the pristine natural marvels
  • Mindfulness practices and reflection, journaling, dialogue
  • Visiting sacred and cultural heritage sites
  • Group-generated activities and possibility of dynamic co-creation

Practical Information

Destinations: Thimphu & Paro

Dates: Arrival: 13 October 2019;  Departure:18 October 2019

Deadline for Enrollment: 20 August 2019

 For more information on cost and inclusions: 

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Talk with us: +975 02 321263