2020 GNH Practitioner Program

master class

This one year program scheduled to take place in 2020 will be jointly hosted by the GNH Centre Bhutan and Schumacher College. It is an in-depth, “hands-on” GNH program, designed to lead participants on a personal journey of discovery, while cultivating the skills and experience needed to develop their own GNH-inspired project or “prototype”. During 2 residential modules in the UK and Bhutan, participants will learn about alternative progress measures, and how GNH is being applied and adapted in Bhutan and globally. Exposure to online coaching, facilitation tools, and mindfulness theory and practices will help participants cultivate important skills to support GNH work and wider systems transformation. Successful completion of program assessments will be recognized with a Certificate, awarded jointly by the GNH Centre Bhutan and Schumacher College.

For further details please visit this link:  https://www.schumachercollege.org.uk/courses/short-courses/the-gross-national-happiness-practitioners-program-uk-and-bhutan-2020 


Please contact for further programme details: julia@gnhcentrebhutan.org / info@gnhcentrebhutan.org