Greener Way is Bhutan’s first waste management and recycling firm,  Established on 8th March 2010, it aims to at the managing waste in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Greener Way’s business rationale is oriented towards the 3 E’s -Environment, Employment and Economy_ with the primary intention of saving environment, creating employment and boosting the economic development of Bhutan.

Their key strategy is their innovation and commitment to tailoring design packages to suit individual customer needs, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction in their waste management and recycling requirements. While no company can sensibly claim to have all the answers, Greener Way constantly strives to provide, ‘simple, safe, solutions’ that are affordable to the user, kind to the environment and which benefit not only Bhutan, but the entire planet.

Greener Way has an excellent educational outreach program. This includes educating Bhutan on Waste Management through classroom presentations, environmental workshops, public displays and exciting contests. Greener Way has a unique partnership with all the schools and institutions and provides funds for their nationally recognized recycling and re:CREATE programs, which include a popular Materials Exchange.

To note, Mr. Karma Yonten, founder of Greener Way, was presented with the Environmental Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2013 by the Prince Charles Youth Business International initiative.

If you want to learn more please visit Greener Way.