Early Learning Centre

The Early Learning Centre is a primary school that goes up to 6th grade and is a vivid example of GNH in Action. Through different creative educational approaches, the ELC has been leading innovation in integrating social-emotional learning, mindfulness and compassion training. They want to raise children that are proud of their culture and embody GNH, as well as  co-create the change we wish to see in the world.

These attempts can be seen in the day to day activities that all the students take part in.

For example, they started a project called “Helping Hands for Health and Happiness” where students learn different innovative and traditional skills such as weaving. The funds generated by selling the products are then donated to the Bhutan Kidney Foundation.

Other activities like “brain brushing”, a silent moment twice a day through which students and teachers maintain “mental hygiene”- try to promote mindfulness.

The ELC is part of the “Design for Change Schools” movement, an initiative started by the Riverside School in India, which encourages students to bring about change in their communities in small but meaningful ways. One of the most important proposals has been the campaign “ELC says no to packaged food”.

If you want to learn more about the Early Learning Centre you can visit their page.