Mind and Life

GNH in Education: Secular Ethics and Compassion

Both the Mind and Life Institute and the GNH Centre share a profound interest in compassion as the basis for ethical conduct, and an intention to explore how we can better nurture compassion in education and other social institutions.

At its root, GNH refers to “the deep, abiding happiness that comes from living life in full harmony with the natural world, with our communities and fellow beings, and with our culture and spiritual heritage ― in short, from feeling totally connected with our world, “the globe.”

The mission of the GNH Centre is to apply Bhutan’s holistic development philosophy of GNH through practical action, so that it can permeate and enrich the fabric of society. The GNH Centre has prioritized a focus on Bhutanese children and youth, as a critical group who are facing some of the greatest opportunities and challenges in relation to GNH and the country’s future development. Whereas the Mind and Life Institute has embarked on a new initiative to develop a pedagogy and curriculum in ‘secular ethics’ as part of its mission to promote human flourishing.

Therefore, the Mind and Life Institute and the GNH Centre have come together with the objective of strengthening the capacity of Bhutanese educators by piloting and introducing a curriculum for teachers on GNH in Education: Secular Ethics and Compassion.

In this capacity, the Centre has forged strong relationships with local educational institutions, including the Royal University of Bhutan (RUB), which is responsible for Bhutan’s 2 main teacher training colleges – Paro and Sherubtse, and the Early Learning Centre (ELC) – a K-6 elementary school based in Thimphu, which has been leading innovation in integrating social-emotional learning, mindfulness and compassion training, through a range of creative educational approaches. Teachers play a central role in cultivating ethics and values such as compassion within their students.

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