The Learning and Experiential Process

A process in four stages, inspired by the Four Noble Truths as taught by the Buddha, but applied in a non-religious way and based on universal human values:

  1. Acknowledging the reality of suffering: Becoming aware of the challenges related with the dominant one-sided materialistic consumerist system and how it impacts negatively on us, our immediate communities and the world at large
  2. The causes of suffering: Becoming aware of the fact that the problems arising in the world also relate to the inner individual and collective mind-set. Therefore, all programs have to strike the right balance between inner transformation through analytical understanding and contemplative practice, but also need to emphasize innovative practical solutions to be applied in everyday life
  3. Cessation of suffering; towards sustainable happiness: Becoming aware of the four pillars of GNH as a guiding framework to define the desired outcome for the individual, society and the planet as a whole

The way that leads to the cessation of suffering: Becoming aware of the necessity to engage on a path of self-transformation and of social transformation