Programme Design Principles

The GNH Centre programmes will be designed with the following design principles in mind:

A holistic approach to the four pillars of GNH

What is specific to GNH is the holistic interdependent approach of the four areas from the point of view of the happiness of all beings. The four pillars of GNH:

Each participant will enter the realm of GNH through a specific doorway according to his/her background and field of interest, but all will be led to perceive and understand the deep interconnection of all domains in the perspective of happiness. The Mandala with its four gates can symbolize the four gateways to the realm of happiness.

A systemic perspective

Participants will experience the necessity of deep transformation on personal, community, national and planetary levels. GNH can only be applied if all the levels of the system are addressed simultaneously:

  • Individual level: An intentional transformation of consciousness towards mindfulness, compassion and awareness of interdependence
  • Community/ organization level: Human interaction, communication and structural relation are organized in such a way as to create an environment conducive to GNH
  • Country level: Laws, regulations and policies are screened from the point of view of their GNH compatibility
  • Planetary level: The survival of the planet and the happiness of all living beings is the ultimate goal of GNH

A two-way process

Harmonizing the implementation of top down policies and the emergence of bottom up civil society initiatives:

  • Top-down: The Centre will help the leadership, the policy and decision makers to lead by exemplarity and to promote a sustainable development model focused on the wellbeing and happiness of all beings
  • Bottom-up: The Centre will promote a vibrant civil society of responsible and engaged citizen who take their responsibility and contribute actively to the development of their community