Programme Approaches

The participants at the Centre will be on a learning journey consisting of five phases:

  1. Learning by immersing oneself in a GNH environment through experiential modules on site
  2. Transferring what has been experienced and learned in real life situation with support: mentoring by peers and/or facilitators
  3. Implementation of one’s action plan
  4. Reflecting on the practical experience gained: coaching by peers or coaches
  5. Documenting the lessons learned, and thereby gradually developing a wealth of “GNH in action case studies” that will feed the next courses. Alumni create a dynamic network and become the mentors and coaches of next participants

The learning journey is inspired by the Theory U methodology developed by Prof. Otto Scharmer at the Presencing Institute. It leads the participants through a carefully designed process:

  • Stop and listen to others and to what life calls you to do
  • Observe, observe, observe: connect with people and places to sense the system from the whole
  • Connect to the source of inspiration and go to the place of silence and allow the inner knowing to emerge

Prototype the new in living examples to explore the future by doing.