General Goal of Programmes and Activities

Create a mindfulness-based, action oriented learning community for profound personal and societal innovation and transformation.

Because the Centre aims to offer Bhutan and the world a practical, viable and exemplary living model of a sane and sustainable society based on the Four Pillars of GNH, programmes cannot be purely theoretical but must be based concretely in the activities of life itself. Thus, the Centre’s programmes — which will encompass both shorter and longer courses — will have less to do with explaining the dimensions of GNH than with experiencing them in a way that can change the participant’s behaviour once they are back in their family, community and workplace.

The Centre will encourage reflection on the concepts of ‘sufficiency’, interdependence, and genuine progress, on the non-material roots of wellbeing, and on whether human needs may be well satisfied and happiness substantially enhanced at lower levels of production and consumption.

Our Objectives

Three objectives define the overall goals of all programs and courses:

  1. Enabling participants to engage in a transformative learning process through dialogue, introspection and self-reflection leading to a deepening of their understanding of GNH philosophy, principles and values.
  2. Enabling participants to develop and experiential understanding of GNH by living in, and co-creating a conducive environment that is fully aligned with GNH principles and values;
  3. Enabling participants to implement GNH inspired projects in their families, communities, villages, businesses, organizations, societies and/or countries.