GNH Journey

The GNH Centre programmes offer a unique opportunity to experience GNH principles in daily life and to reflect on how to implement these principles in our own context in a practical way; they offer an inspirational and motivational experience that can transform participants deeply. Our programmes create a space to reflect on the deeper meanings and purpose of life helping people discover for themselves their own personal answers to these questions.

Our programmes aim at integrating the latest scientific research and thinking… e.g. from, neuroscience, psychology, new economics, secular ethics, etc.) with contemplative wisdom.

Mindfulness is a common thread running through all activities, which is applied in a secular context appealing to people of all faiths or none. Three objectives define the overall goals of all programs and courses:

  1. Enabling participants to engage in a transformative learning process through dialogue, introspection and self-reflection leading to a deepening of their understanding of GNH philosophy, principles and values.
  2. Enabling participants to develop and experiential understanding of GNH by living in, and co-creating a conducive environment that is fully aligned with GNH principles and values;
  3. Enabling participants to implement GNH inspired projects in their families, communities, villages, businesses, organizations, societies and/or countries.