Global Wellingbeing and GNH Lab

A partnership with GIZ Global Leadership Academy and the Presencing Institute

The Global Well-being and GNH Lab was a unique opportunity for leaders across a range of sectors around the world to explore key challenges in the field of innovating beyond GDP, to approach the deep seated roots of these challenges and develop new responses and solutions. 25 leaders from different walks of life, including the Governor of Oregon and the First Lady, Mrs Eileen Fisher, Prof. Otto Schamer, and others, took part in developing the leadership capacity, generating a set of evolving prototypes or “living laboratories”, documenting change by capturing and disseminating our emerging lessons and experience.

The journey included meeting different stakeholders in Thimphu and a day of self reflection in Taktsang, one of the most important monasteries in Bhutan. Throughout the Lab the principles of Theory U were applied, beginning the journey:

  • Co-initiating _ uncovering and listening what life calls for
  • Co-sensing _ observing  and connecting with people and places to sense the system from the whole
  • Presencing _ allowing inner knowledge to emerge
  • Co-creating _ prototyping for future doing
  • Co-evolving _ embodying the ecosystem, being a part of the whole

If you want to learn more about this project please visit the Presencing Institute.