GNH Centre

The aim of the GNH Centre is to demonstrate in a concrete and practical manner that GNH – namely, responsible sustainable development – really works. It fulfills a growing need for both Bhutan and the wider global community to understand what GNH means to an individual in daily life, and to show how it can play a key role in bringing about a new model and blueprint for society.

The Centre offers transformative learning programmes deeply embedded in GNH principles. It attracts both Bhutanese and international participants who wish to learn and experience how to bring GNH values and practices into their own context, and how to serve their families, neighbours, and country with genuine purpose, compassion, joy, and effectiveness. Its benefit therefore is not only to Bhutan and its citizens, but also to a world seeking a viable alternative to prevailing materialistic and consumerist paradigms.

“A year ago I never have dreamed of being able to talk about spiritual wellbeing, mindfulness and sustainability to those who ‘pull the strings’ where I work, but yesterday I did and they really liked it! Thank you so much for your encouragement, that means so much to me!”

– Lorna Marques-Brocksopp, Programme Participant 2013


To create a unique place of reflection, learning and action where nature, culture and spirituality blend in a harmonious way towards happiness and compassion for the world.


Empowering people through compassion and wisdom, towards a happy society.


GNH in action: The purpose of the GNH Centre is to demonstrate and put into living practice the philosophy Gross National Happiness.

Building the GNH Centre

The government of Bhutan has donated a large piece of mountainous land in the central province of Bumthang for the GNH Centre to be placed. There is a working group chaired by the Prime Minister’s Office, which works to realise the GNH Centre. The development is on track for the centre’s use in 2013/2014.

To view an outline of the site for the Centre, download our fact sheet