Exploring Leadership for the Good Life

With fond memories of our discourse on sustainable brands in Bangkok, I take personal pleasure in welcoming all our distinguished participants at this summit of business leaders. GNH Centre Bhutan is honored to host this gathering of some of the most ethically responsible and visionary business leaders of Thailand and India. Your commitment to make […]


Dr. Saamdu Chetri: How to Measure Happiness

“We need to let things go, we need to accept things as they are, we need to forgive others and forgive the self, have right intentions in our works, in our thoughts, in our deeds and actions, say sorry even if we are right, and thank you every moment.” Click here for details


Article by HRH Kezang Choden Wangchuck

GNH Today by HRH Princess Kezang Choden Wangchuck President of the Board GNH Centre Bhutan His Majesty the fourth King first proclaimed four decades ago that, Gross National Happiness is more important than Gross National Product. Since then, Bhutan has adopted a holistic approach to development within the GNH framework that comprises the four pillars […]