The Slow Change Experience Program

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19 participants from Australia, Germany, Netherlands and the UK took part in the Slow Change Experience Program. The participants were provided with an immersive experience of positive development and wisdom to create change in ways to serve their higher values and the needs of the communities. It was a practice of change driven by innate human values and wisdom, using the principles of GNH.

Samantha Bennet from Brisbane, Australia, said “it was an extremely beautiful experience and I suppose I am just allowing it to move though me. I learnt a lot and I am learning a lot as I learn to process it all, mainly how to start to apply it in my own life.”

Bron Roberts from Australia said “it is one of the best programs I have experienced. A brilliant program, well designed and presented, a great group of people, and the GNH hosts – each and every one of them a true delight. I know we can never repeat experiences but if it could be done, I would be back in heart beat. I look forward to future connections with Digital Storytellers, Humankind Enterprises and the GNH Centre.”

Flo Scialom from the Netherlands said “the Slow Change program in Bhutan was a truly inspiring experience! I learned so much about GNH and how it shapes the policies and practices in Bhutan, and I met some very lovely people from Bhutan, Australia and all over the world. I am very grateful to all involved!”

The Slow Change Experience Program was the first program conducted at the newly built GNH Centre at Chokhortoe in Bumthang and we are excited to continue hosting more programs at the Centre to offer a nourishing space for both inner transformation and social innovation. The participants visited Bumthang, Trongsa Dzong and Paro. The program ended with a hike to Taktshang (Tiger’s Nest) and sharing circle.

The Program was held from November 12 – 22, 2016. It was designed by the GNH Centre, Humankind Enterprise and Digital Storyteller, Australia.