About Logo

The Gross National Happiness Centre Bhutan’s logo is founded on the formation of four colours, representing four elements, termed as Bjungwa zhi in Bhutanese culture:

  • White (kar) – represents the element Water. A force that quenches thirst for knowledge and happiness. While at the same time representing a pure heart.
  • Yellow (ser) – symbolizes the element Earth and a space for contemplation, enrichment and equanimity.
  • Red (mar) – signifies the element Fire and compassionate energy, as well as the elimination of all ignorance.
  • Green (jang) – corresponds to the element Air, and symbolizes the spirit of perseverance and accomplishment.

According to Bhutanese belief the balance of these four elements represent harmony and peace. These are significant to the ideals of GNH which is to live a balanced life in harmony with ourselves, others and nature. So the four colours of the logo represent the radial balance of four pillars of GNH.

Taken as a whole, the GNH Centre logo represents a conviction that true happiness can be cultivated through wisdom, compassion, empowerment and service with a consciousness that delivers societal change, reflecting both deep respect for nature and the human potential for purposeful living.